Poultry Hatchery Design, Planning and Consulting

L. B. Smith’s experience in hatchery design spans for nearly 30 years, with projects dating back to the rise of the Cuddy Farms US operations in the late 1970’s up to our extensive present day work with various poultry clients in both the chicken and turkey industries. These facilities have varied significantly in size and have served the commercial, breeder, and pedigree sides of the business. We continue to branch out into this market annually and have served our poultry clients in the United States with detailed design & construction documents and also internationally through consulting and planning services using outline and schematic level documentation.

L. B. Smith & Associate is an engineering design firm only and we do not sell, install, distribute, market, or represent any of the materials or equipment to be used on a hatchery project. This ensures that a client is provided with a high quality, competitively bid finished product using comprehensive and well detailed construction documents. We have specific facility design experience to accommodate and integrate all major types of incubating and hatching equipment (single-stage and multi-stage) from such manufacturers as Jamesway, ChickMaster, and Petersime. We also have experience with the building infrastructure needed to support the required service equipment from such manufacturers as KL Products, Kuhl Corporation, Nova-Tech, and Embrex / Inovoject using various levels of automation.

Normally the following areas are included in our scope of hatchery design work: civil / structural, general building / architectural, plumbing & piping (waste, vent, domestic cold & hot water, compressed air, high pressure wash), process chilled and hot water systems for hatchery equipment (incubators, hatchers, traywashers, high pressure washers, etc.), HVAC (including ventilation for hatchery equipment), and all associated electrical design. We generally exclude the design of hatchery equipment controls and alarms, building security, PA system, computer / data / telephone systems, etc. Our services are ultimately delivered through complete detailed working drawings and specifications that are suitable for competitive bidding and permitting. In most competitively bid situations using our completed documents, the spread between high and low construction bids are historically not more than about 5%

The link below lists our poultry projects that we have either fully designed, provided consulting services, planning assistance, provided outline design criteria, specifications, and schematic drawings.

L.B. Smith Poultry Related Projects